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 ===== CircleFinder App ===== ===== CircleFinder App =====
-Now you can also use CircleFinder by [[https://twitter.com/​leonidlezner|@LeonidLezner]],​ to find your #WOL Circle:+<WRAP center round tip 100%> 
 +==== NEWS ==== 
 +The WOL CircleFinder by Leonid Lezner got official! 
 +Join or start a new circle at 
-https://beta.circlefinder.app/+(read the whole story: ​https://workingoutloud.com/​blog/​the-wol-circlefinder
-R===== Looking for a WOL Circle =====+===== Looking for a WOL Circle =====
 F2F = Face to Face - personal meetings\\ F2F = Face to Face - personal meetings\\