List for people interested in attending WOL-Circles (en/international)

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We help you to find suitable 4-5 participants for your WOL Circle. We also like to give you a jump start.
Of course you can also find other interested participants here, with whom you can start your WOL Circle.

To get started with Your new circle see material for Circle Guides and other helpful material or of course open the Circle Guides on directly.

de: Anmerkung! Es gibt hier auch eine Liste für WOL-Circles auf deutsch: de:Circle-Interessierte


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F2F = Face to Face - personal meetings
virtual = virtual video meetings, e.g. via Skype for Business (Skype4B)

Name Location Language F2F/virtual start date possible times WOL Circle Status
M. Test Hanover, Germany de/en Skype4B 03/2018 open
Susanne Mayer Pfronten, Germany de/en Skype4B 06/2018 open
Marc Van de Velde Ravels, Belgium EN/NL ZOOM
1/08/2018 open
Kerstin Schultz Dusseldorf, Germany de/en Skype 05/2018 flexible open
Bianca Engelmann Eime, Germany de /en virtual 06/2018 flexible open
Christof Weisenbacher Pforzheim, Germany de/en skype 06/2018 flexible open