Working Out Loud Camp 2020

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Welcome to - the wiki about Working Out Loud!

en: The idea behind this wiki is to provide the growing #WOL community with a collaboration platform where everyone from the community (whether newcomers or old hands) can create and share content together.

Here you find a list for Circle Interested (en / international) as well as more interesting information and links about Working Out Loud (#WOL).

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Willkommen im - dem Wiki über Working Out Loud!

de: Die Idee dieses Wikis ist es, der wachsenden #WOL-Community ein kollaborative Plattform für die Zusammenarbeit zur Verfügung zu stellen, in der alle aus der Community (egal ob Neulinge oder alte Hasen) gemeinsam Inhalte erstellen und miteinander teilen können.

Du findest hier eine Liste für Circle Interessierte (de) sowie weitere interessante Informationen und Links über Working Out Loud (#WOL).

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Bemvindo ao - a wiki sobre Working Out Loud!

br: A ideia por trás desta WIKI é proporcionar a crescente comunidade #WOL de lingua portugesa uma plataforma de colaboração onde qualquer membro da comunidade (iniciantes ou experientes) possam criar e compartilhar conteúdo e disponibilizá-lo para um público maior.

Aqui você encontra uma lista de interessados em círculo-wol (br/portugues) assim como informações e links interessantes sobre o método Working Out Loud (#WOL).

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Welkom op - de wiki over Working Out Loud!


Het idee achter deze wiki is om de groeiende #WOL community een samenwerkingsplatform te bieden waar iedereen uit de community (of het nu nieuwkomers zijn of oude handen) samen content kunnen maken en delen.

Hier vindt u een lijst voor Cirkel Geïnteresseerden (NL/ EN) evenals meer interessante informatie en links over Working Out Loud (#WOL).

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The WOL CircleFinder by Leonid Lezner got official! Join or start a new circle at

(read the whole story:

As “Working Out Loud® and WOL® are registered trademarks of Ikigai, LLC in the US and EU, with registrations pending in other countries” ( I asked John Stepper for permission to use those in our community wiki about Working Out Loud.
Here is his answer:
“Yes, please go ahead with the Wiki project using WOL and Working Out Loud. It's a great contribution and advances the practice.” (John Stepper)